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Pelvic Health & Osteopractic Physical Therapy in The Woodlands, TX

Pelvic Health & Osteopractic Physical Therapy Services at Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness in The Woodlands, TX

At Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness, we take a unique and fresh approach as opposed to the traditional and outdated medical model, which may only allow one issue to be addressed per session or appointment.


The current medical model disregards that patients recovering from birth, recovering from an injury, or experiencing chronic pain issues rarely have just one problem and are lacking a holistic approach to address the root cause of all of your issues.

What makes us unique is that we are a true specialty clinic with both a Pelvic Health Specialist and a Board Certified Orthopedic & Fellowship-trained Specialist. Together, we have created a place for you to address​ all of your concerns without the headache of having to find different providers at different places for each concern.

Dr. Patrick and Dr. Melissa often team up and co-treat their patients so our patients can experience the benefits of both specialties during their care.

Orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapy The Woodlands, TX

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Women in The Woodlands, TX

We specialize in working with women with pelvic health concerns, including bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction.


Some of the conditions we see in pelvic health include pelvic pain conditions - including pain with sex, back pain, tailbone pain, hip pain, and constipation.


We also address pelvic floor dysfunction including prolapse, post-hysterectomy pain with sex, bladder leakage, and diastasis recti.

We can assist you with returning to exercise postpartum and post-laparascopic surgery.

And we can even address chronic bladder and pelvic conditions like interstitial cystitis and endometriosis.

We offer unique holistic approaches for menstrual cycle issues & hormone imbalances.

We can also prepare you for birth with our labor and delivery prep course and pregnancy pelvic floor conditions.

Take a look at Dr, Melissa's blog on How to Decrease Leakage with Lifting and Exercise.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Orthopedic physical therapy can be life changing, especially when you work with a Physical Therapist who is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and can differentially diagnose your symptoms. This will lead to uncovering the true root cause of your pain and real recovery. Our orthopedic Physical Therapist is Fellowship trained and earned a Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy, meaning he is a true specialist in diagnosing the root cause of joint and muscle pain in a shorter amount of time.


Some examples of conditions we see in orthopedics include: chronic back pain & sciatica, disc bulges, disc herniations, neck & upper back pain, headaches, meniscus tears, rotator cuff tears, and tendonitis.

Osteopractice physical therapy for active adults with back pain in The Woodlands, TX

Osteopractic Physical Therapy

Revolutionary Osteopractic Physical Therapy is life changing, especially when you work with an Osteopractor who can differentially diagnose your concerns accurately by identifying the root cause of your pain. 


Osteopractors have extensive specialty training in spinal manipulation, dry needling, extremity manipulation, non-thrust joint mobilization, cupping, scraping, body tempering, and differential diagnosis.

We thrive on providing an experience unlike any Physical Therapy experience you've had before. 

To learn more, head over to our blog for more information on Osteopractic Physical Therapy

Osteopractic physical therapy for shoulder pain in The Woodlands, TX

Holistic Fertility
Discover the connection between
your menstrual cycle & your pelvic health

Fertility and Pelvic Health Physical Therapy The Woodlands, Texas

Our healthcare system does not prioritize pre-conception health & postpartum recovery. Your concerns of wanting to prepare your body for pregnancy, come off the pill, and recover your pelvic floor & hormones postpartum will often be brushed off.


As a pelvic health Physical Therapist who specializes in fertility, I am able to help women optimize their cycles to get pregnant naturally, transition off of birth control, & recover smoothly postpartum. I don't believe in just 1 6-week postpartum visit for mom! 


Some of the conditions we see for fertility include trying to conceive, PMS, PMDD, & mood disorders.

We can also address irregular cycles, PCOS, & hypothalamic amenorrhea.

We can assist with pre-menopause symptoms, vaginal dryness & low libido, as well as. thyroid issues & autoimmunity affecting the cycle.

We guide you through the postpartum transition through breastfeeding and postpartum nutrient depletion & fatigue.

Lastly, we offer extensive education on using the menstrual cycle for natural birth control.

Pregnancy Pelvic Health Care

Our pelvic health physical therapist provides pelvic floor treatment during pregnancy for pain, leakage, and birth prep to prepare for labor and pushing. 

We help you learn how to prevent injuries during birth, such as prolapse, bladder leakage, tailbone issues, and back pain / sciatica.

We teach you how to safely stay active with fitness and exercise during pregnancy.


We encourage and promote partner strategies and support.

We help you heal from pregnancy related back pain and leakage

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for Pregnancy and Birth Prep in The Woodlands, TX

Postpartum Recovery

We specialize in helping patients recover postpartum from common concerns including prolapse, leakage, diastasis recti, pelvic pain, return to fitness / exercise. You deserve more than just 1 6-week postpartum visit with your provider. Often women are left wondering how to return to exercise without pain or leakage. We help you recover with foundational rehab and fitness.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for moms in The Woodlands, TX

Virtual Physical Therapy

Both of our Physical Therapists are specialized in movement assessment and diagnosing your injury, pain, or pelvic floor issue. Through virtual telehealth, we meet for a functional movement assessment and design a customized rehab program specific to your issues.

Your program then gets delivered to an app so you know what to do everyday to meet your goals.

Virtual photo.jpg

Monthly Wellness Programs

We believe in keeping your pain and injuries at bay, which is why we have created a revolutionary monthly wellness program.

Come in for your visit for all the hands-on joint manipulations, dry needling, myofascial work, while we then check your overall progress, and review your custom home exercises. 


Then your daily fitness and rehab routine is customized and loaded to our app for the month so you have the guidance to know exactly what you need to do as well as the accountability from your Physical Therapist so you can stay well.

Orthopedic physical therapy for shoulder pain in The Woodlands, TX

"Dr. Melissa was and continues to be such a supportive resource following my visits after birthing my son. I'm so grateful to her and the expertise she's gained in helping me get back to feeling like myself. The coolest thing she did was help me realize how my history of back pain and disc herniations impacted my pelvic floor long before trying to conceive. Highly recommend Melissa because she not only helped me fix my postpartum issues, but I've also been living without a flare up in my back since seeing her." - Allison

"She helped me realize how my history of back pain impacted my pelvic floor"

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