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Wellness Services at
Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness

Have you ever experienced the relief and benefits of Physical Therapy services while working with your Physical Therapist for a few months, only for your symptoms to slowly return?


Or the progress you made back slides a little bit?

This is exactly what our Wellness Program at Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness aims to prevent.

Our Wellness Programs are designed to be a proactive way to, not only maintain the progress you have worked so hard to achieve, but to slowly improve to new heights.

All of our wellness clients have successfully completed a comprehensive Physical Therapy treatment plan, and continue to work with us in a wellness capacity in bi-monthly, monthly, or even quarterly sessions.

These sessions are focused on exercise progressions and general mobility to keep the benefits of your Physical Therapy program.


"Melissa and Patrick have a wealth of knowledge! I looked forward to my weekly PT visits with both of them ... I learned so much about calming my nervous system and proper exercises to strengthen muscles around a specific injury. They are kind, welcoming, and experts in their specialties."

- Amanda 

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