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Dry Needling at Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness in
The Woodlands, TX

Dry needling is a game changer for our patients!


Dry needling is an extremely safe treatment tool that involves insertion of a hair-thin monofilament needle directly into specific pain generating spots on the body.

The results range from immediate pain relief to immediate decrease in muscle spasms and trigger points.  

Dry needling is meant to be a part of comprehensive physical therapy plan of care, and when performed by a skilled clinician, can be life changing for patients. 

Some of the many conditions dry needling can treat are, but not limited to, chronic back pain, sciatica, TMJ pain, disc bulges and disc herniations, headaches, sports injuries, and so much more. 

To learn more about Dry Needling, head over to our blog for more information.

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Why Dry Needling?


Dry Needling is rooted in Western medical philosophy where we insert monofilament needles into muscles, tendons, ligaments, and near nerves to create a variety of positive physiological responses within the body.


This treats the conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff pain, sprained ankle, knee pain, disc herniations, disc bulges, sciatica, and so much more.


We do this for very specific reasons to create very specific changes in the body. These benefits include, but are not limited to improved circulation, decreased pain, improved mobility, and improved relaxation from a nice nervous system reset.

But let's get down to the big question...Does it hurt?


No, when performed correctly by a highly skilled practitioner, the benefits of dry needling are achieved without any adverse events or soreness.


Dr. Patrick is Certified in Dry Needling by AAMT/Dry Needling Institute where he has over 150+ EXTRA contact hours in Dry Needling techniques alone - directly resulting in improved outcomes for you!

For many patients, Dry Needling is the missing puzzle piece as to why they aren’t getting full pain relief.

"Dr. Patrick works wonders with dry needling ... to produce the best possible outcomes for their patients and it has helped me tremendously."
- Monica

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