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What is Osteopractic Physical Therapy?

Osteopractor Spinal Manipulation Physical Therapy
AAMT 2023 Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy Graduation

This is such a great question that we have been navigating over the past few weeks as Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness has recently become one of the few Osteopractic Physical Therapy clinics in the country.

To keep it short and simple, an Osteopractor is a Physical Therapist that has completed extensive, research-based coursework and training in hands-on Physical Therapy techniques through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.

Osteopractors have undergone arduous testing and have proven to their instructors and peers that they are proficient in Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulation, Extremity Manipulation, Non-Thrust Mobilizations, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Cupping, Scraping, Body Tempering), Differential Diagnosis, Vestibular Conditions, and much more.

Osteopractic Physical Therapists don't accept the status quo, nor do they accept the current standard for their patients. They voluntarily pursued, and passed, gauntlet of courses and tests, not only to improve skills, but, to master their skills.

But ultimately, Osteopractic Physical Therapists realized that the profession of Physical Therapy needed to move forward in order to make real, impactful changes for our patients.

How is this different than going to a Chiropractor?

When seeing an Osteopractic Physical Therapist, you are still getting the experts in musculoskeletal conditions, such as: low back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, shoulder pain, meniscus injuries, sports injuries, rotator cuff tears, and so much more.

You still get the differential diagnosis skills to uncover the root cause of your condition, which is only possible with a thorough 60 minute Physical Therapy evaluation. Osteopractors will always be Physical Therapists at heart, which do not over utilize unnecessary imaging studies or passive modalities to provide quick temporary "fixes" for our patients.

But with an Osteopractic Physical Therapist, you get a Doctor of Physical Therapy that has proven to have mastered a vast assortment of hands-on techniques that - not only do they know HOW to perform a technique, but they know WHEN to do it for the right patient.

Are there any Osteopractic Physical Therapists near me?

Osteopractor Spinal Manipulation Physical Therapy
Dr. Patrick Thompson receiving his Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy

You are in luck if you are located in The Woodlands, TX or North Houston region, because Dr. Patrick Thompson, Owner of Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness, recently completed all necessary requirements to earn his Diploma in Osteopractic Physical Therapy.

You can be certain that when you see the credentials "Dip. Osteopractic" behind his name, that he has put in the effort to raise his personal bar for his expected positive outcomes for his patients.

We didn't accept the status quo on patient outcomes, we didn't succumb to the normalization of volume-based healthcare productivity standards, and we are determined to positively affect the healthcare system for you and all of our patients.

So if you have been:

  • Struggling with stubborn chronic pain that no one has been able to appropriately address,

  • Dealing with a nagging injury that is limiting your sports performance,

  • Looking for a second opinion because your imaging studies were inconclusive,

  • Still living with the pain that your surgery was supposed to fix years ago,

Then click the button below to experience a new generation of Physical Therapy, and enter the world of Osteopractic Physical Therapy at Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness in The Woodlands, TX.

Dr. Patrick Thompson, PT, DPT, OCS, Dip. Osteopractic

Owner of Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness


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