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Weekend Warrior? You need Physical Therapy too!

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Being a Weekend Warrior is about enhancing your active lifestyle and quality of life with friends!

Let's be realistic here, sometimes the Kickball Championship IS important!

And you don't need a nagging hip flexor strain or groin pull holding you back from helping your teammates secure being back to back league champions.

Because the fact is that the vast majority of us, do not become professional athletes. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your body in order to stay in competition shape.

People assume that only professional athletes have access to top of the line injury rehabilitation to keep them in prime shape for the season. But the truth is you have access to the same care.

And to assume that ONLY professional athletes deserve to receive the best Physical Therapy treatment is proposterous.

Because being a Weekend Warrior is about so much more than the Pickleball Championship. It is about improving your quality of life with your social circle. It is about staying active and engaged with your friends. It is about reliving the past while creating new memories for the future. It is about smiling and laughing!

But the unfortunate risk of being a Weekend Warrior is that you are more likely to sustain an injury because many people are relatively stagnate throughout the week in between games/matches.

Because most of us aren't professional athletes. We are Parents, CPAs, Realtors, Contractors, Nurses, Police Officers, Teachers, and so so much more. We don't train every day to get ready for the next softball game.

But that doesn't mean you should sacrifice your quality of life because you are afraid of injury or if you have a nagging injury that seems to get worse as the season progresses.

You can get treatment, you can recover quickly, and you can get back in the game just as fast as those professional athletes do!

At Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness in The Woodlands, TX, we love our Weekend Warriors and we love hearing the success stories you share. Our Flow Athletes range across a variety of sports, including tennis, pickleball, swimming, soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, cornhole, running, cycling, hiking, power lifting, mixed martial arts, golf, netball, and more.

And regardless of which sport you love, we love to keep you in the game so you can make priceless memories with your friends and family - all while winning the championship!

So if your struggling with nagging overuse injuries or a new injury thats keeping you from being a Weekend Warrior, click below and lets get you back in the game!

Dr. Patrick Thompson, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. DN

Owner of Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness


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