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So What's the Big Deal About Direct Access Physical Therapy?

We've all been there, you wake up with a new, strange, sharp twinge in your low back. You think to yourself, "Welp, I guess I slept funny, it's probably no big deal."

So you wait a few weeks and the pain just seems to be slowly getting worse and more frequent. So you finally decide that its time to go to your primary care MD.

When you call the office, they say that they can squeeze you in for an appointment in 2 weeks time.

So 2 weeks pass, and when you finally get to your Doc, they order X-rays, give you some medication and tell you to check back in a few weeks if it doesn't resolve.

Well by this time, you're 4 weeks into pain, with no real direction or relief being provided.

Now, if the pain does not resolve, you get referred to either an orthopedic, neurologist, "spine doctor," or pain management. This second appointment may or may not now include an MRI study and/or an injection, both of which do not offer any long term relief for your symptoms.

When the pain STILL doesn't resolve, you may then be referred to Physical Therapy treatments for "unspecified low back pain" or "core strengthening exercises."

In the meantime, you are now 8 weeks in, dealing with worsening low back pain - which now includes sciatica and tingling in your toes. You have been billed $1,000's in co-insurances, deductibles, co-pays, and even surprise billing from the medications, imaging studies, and injections - and you've just now been referred to a Physical Therapist who may suggest 12-18 visits of more insurance bills.

Well, what if I told you there is a cheaper, faster, and better option for your symptoms? An option that places you and your unique presentation at the center of attention and doesn't require you to get dragged along a network of referrals and potentially unnecessary expenses with unnecessary imaging studies.

This is exactly what Direct Access to Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness in The Woodlands, Texas, provides. We are Doctorate level healthcare providers and the experts in the neuromusculoskeletal system.

This includes everything from - "My back suddenly hurts when I wake up!" to "I feel a shooting pain down my leg" to "I felt a pop in my knee, what do I do?" to "My shoulder catches when I lift it above my head." and even "I twisted my ankle, do you think I broke it?"

We spend uninterrupted time with you, every session, to listen to you and review all of your symptoms. We screen for red and yellow flags that may warrant a referral to another specialist for further work up, and we explain your condition to you so you can start the healing process earlier, which directly leads to faster recovery.

The early stages of your symptoms are the most important times for pain relief. These are the precious days and weeks where the most impact can be made with physical therapy. Yet unfortunately, in our current healthcare model, Physical Therapy may not even be recommended until you are well into the chronic stages of injury - months later.

We are here for you to provide Doctorate level healthcare for you, on the same day as injury if needed. We are here to provide an impact at the time it is needed most. We are here for you to first get you out of pain, and then empower you to stay out of pain.

If you feel you were shuttled along multiple appointments with conflicting information and plans, click the button below to chat about how Direct Access to Physical Therapy can be the game changer you've been looking for.

Dr. Patrick Thompson, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert. DN

Owner of Flow Physical Therapy and Wellness


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